5 Benefits of Having A Local Dentist

If you are fed up of consulting with various dentists for dental problems of your family members, then it’s time to find a local dentist who can fulfil the needs of all your family members.
This is a simple way which can make your life easier and provide you with expert dental care under a single roof. So, in case you are hesitant to make the switch to a local dentist. Then here are some reasons which will inspire you to search for a local dentist in your area.

1. It makes your dental care easier.
A local dentist can treat every family member in your household. From senior citizens to toddlers, you will receive the dental care which they need for a healthy smile. You do not need to book appointments with different dentists on different days. You can instead schedule all of your family’s routine cleanings jointly and save a lot of time. This sort of uniformity helps you to stay stress-free about your dental health for a longer period.

2. You can avail a wide range of dental services.
If you have a local dentist who provides a number of services, then it can be a great help for you. This is because they are capable to treat patients of all ages and with different dental issues. It’s eminent because they can also treat older patients with dentures and also design dental retainers for teenagers. Whether you are looking for tooth whitening services or for deep cleaning, your dentist can accommodate many different treatments to ensure that you don’t have to travel between providers in order to get the oral health care you need.

3. Personal relationships are developed.
The longer you visit a single dentist, the better your relationship will be. Every family member will know about their dentist and feel comfortable while seeking dental treatment from them. This makes it easier to convey any concerns which may arise in the future.

4. It becomes easier to keep track of your dental history.
Having to jump from one dentist to another can prove problematic for your dental care. So, it is much convenient to establish a strong relationship with your local dentist. This allows your dentist to get acquainted with your dental history and chart to stay in one place. Also, this helps your dentist to implement your treatment without any hassle.

5. You can create awareness about the dental well-being in your family.
If you and your family consult with various dentists, then there are chances that your children will not adopt the habit of regular dental checkups. By visiting a local dentist, the whole family can have their teeth cleaned together. This allows your family to become aware and put oral health on priority.

If you don’t see a local dentist, then it is time to make the switch. Finding the right local dentist in Point Cook can make all the difference in you’re and also your family’s oral health routine. So, connect with us now and schedule an appointment!

Happy brushing from the Soho Dental Team

Happy brushing from the Soho Dental Team

We know that by educating our children at a young age and showing them how to correctly care for their teeth through correct dental hygiene and diet the risks of dental decay diminish. As a family dental practice, we pride ourselves on helping young children learn about their teeth and how to care for them.

Did you know that a lot of things that children eat and drink that we think are healthy may not be the best for their teeth? Fruit Juice is full of sugar (either natural or added) and loves to stick onto your children’s teeth all day. Flavoured milk is also high in sugar and of course the more obvious soft drinks. We recommend limiting the number of sugary drinks to a minimum and as a good practice getting your child to have a drink of water after having something sugary.

Some foods are obviously bad for your teeth such a bar of chocolate and lollies, but there are some foods that you would be surprised about- raisins and sultanas love to stick in the fissures of your child’s teeth until they are brushed out. Highly acidic fruits can also cause problems later in life.

Snacking is a hard thing to keep away from especially with children but the more snacks they have the more at risk they are from decay. Try and limit too much snacking between meals and always finish with a drink of water to wash away foods that like to hide and stick.