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Check-Ups and Clean

Regular check-ups allow for prevention and improvement.

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Keep your mouth and teeth healthy and clean with regular check-ups

Why should we visit the dentist regularly?

It is important to visit the dentist regularly to obtain good oral health and prevent dental problems such as:

Tooth Decay – caused by eating foods that contain too much sugar. If this condition is left unattended, it could lead to pain and dental cavities.

Plaque – this is packed with harmful bacteria that builds up and gets stuck onto your teeth and gums slowly damaging it as time goes by.

Gum Disease – causes your gums to turn red and become swollen. It can be quite painful and sensitive when eating or drinking.

Visiting us at Soho Dental for regular dental check-ups can help you discover dental issues at the beginning stages and prevent them from becoming worse. It can also help you maintain a good and healthy oral lifestyle.

How often should I have a check-up?

The number of times you visit the dentist depends on your dental health.

Generally, people who take good care of their teeth would have very good oral health. These people are at low risk of dental issues; therefore, they can visit the dentist every 6 to 24 months.

People with oral health that is at high risk of dental issues would need to visit the dentist as often as every 3 to 4 months.

People who are at high-risk of dental problems include:

  • Smokers and people with gum disease.
  • People who have diabetes or a weak immune response to bacterial infection.
  • People who have a build-up of plaque.
Should I bring my children in for a check-up?
Children should be brought to the dentist for regular dental check-ups, cleaning and polishing. The dentist will provide oral hygiene instructions to the child and information on how to brush and floss teeth properly from a young age. This can improve the future health of their mouth, teeth and gums.

Regular check-ups allow the dentists to detect tooth decay at an early stage and treat it before it spreads and becomes worse.

The dentist would also be able to assess and determine whether the child requires orthodontics treatment or not.

How can I keep my oral health in good condition in between check-ups?
  • Make sure you brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.
  • Try to avoid brushing your teeth aggressively.
  • Use the correct technique to brush your teeth.
  • Make sure you floss your teeth once a day.

We recommend you have at least two cleanings per year. To any ask questions about your regular check-up or to book in for your next appointment, contact us today!

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